Shogun of time

The original design of the Shogun of Time slots machine is very similar to that of the Antique slot machines we all know and love. The front side of the machine features a classic two column side. On the back of the machine is the classic Roman numeral slot design. All other icons except for the top paying icon and scatter can appear as double or single-stacked icons. At the lower end of the slot machine spectrum are the regular playing cards from A to 10, then golden samurai helmets, double-spaced coins, ancient temple shields with official miniatures on the reverse side, a jousting arena with a lion, a Buddhist monk in full prayer gesture, and finally a samurai sword on the main bonus reel.

If you are thinking of trying out a samurai themed casino game there are some nice options out there. In fact, the game has now become so popular that it is showing up regularly in some high profile casino games like Star Trek and Blackjack. The most well known of these games is the Othello slot machine which was also developed by MGM and has appeared in the Blackjack series at least twice. The same company also produced the equally popular Video Poker and the Royal Flushmore slots games. If you remember the old Video Poker games you will notice a lot of similarity with the new version with the exception of the bonus reel which is shown vertically on the screen.

There are many different types of symbols used in the game and they include the usual gold coins (A), iron ore (B), silver coins (C), clay (D), coral (E), rice (F) and the usual wooden symbols you might expect like J, S and Q. If you want to get a real old fashioned feel to this game then try the traditional Japanese symbols which are used on the actual reel sets. Some people find it a little boring to play the old slots but if you are looking for a good time slot machine with good solid luck bonuses then it is definitely worth a look. As with all machines in slot reels, the reels do not spin unless they are moving. The spinning reels tend to give very poor straight line shots and depend greatly on luck. It’s probably fair to say that a more traditional game of this type is probably more fun than playing one of the more modernized slots.