Legacy of egypt

Experience the mysticism and pure magic which was exalted by the river Nile as ancient times in Legacy of Egypt, an exciting 5 reel slot machine from Play’N Go. A mysterious hieroglyphic tablet is found within the mainframe of this casino game which gives you insight on the game’s history. This is one of the slot machines which allows you to choose from a range of Egyptian themes which are presented through an animated background. The different icons and symbols present on screen give a glimpse into the mystery behind the scenes.

It presents three unique game modes which you can choose from. When you are playing the Online version, you can opt for the Story Mode in which you get to experience the story behind the Egypt’s rise to greatness. You have to choose from different scenarios where you will help the young King, Cleopatra, find her true love, Marc Antony. If you are familiar with the earlier versions of this slot machine, you will find the challenges in the Story mode to be tougher and this time, it will offer you more than just treasure rewards and big jackpots. The different game modes include: Story, Treasure hunt, Slots, Multiplayer and Royal Raffles.

Another exciting offering from the Legacy of Egypt is the multi-player versions. Players can opt for the Story or Endless Game modes where they can switch between various characters like Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Ptolemy and King Tutankhamun. The game also comes with a range of graphics options which allow you to switch between the traditional style graphics of the early slots and the modern ones which feature fully animated backgrounds. In addition to the graphics options, you can use the Egypt theme soundtracks to choose the right music for your casino play. In short, there are a number of features present in this casino game for which you have the option of using either coins or real money.

You can find a number of real cash games as well as legacy slots at the online casinos which feature the real history of Egypt. The best part about this particular slot machine game is that you do not need to leave the comfort of your home or apartment to enjoy the experience. You can easily play it from the convenience of your study or home and can even transfer your winnings to the real cash game if you want to go for a bigger cash prize. The Egyptian theme slot machines of the online casinos are operated on the same lines as the traditional slots with the only exception of graphics and sound options. You can play the game either for single or multi-player options.

The two symbols – the jackpot symbol and the pyramids symbol that appear on the real Egypt land based slot machine are present in the same style and design in these online versions. These symbols are designed in such a way that when the reels spin, the symbols automatically change color from their normal red, green, orange and blue colors to the black, white, silver and gold colors. This gives an overall effect of a Cairo based casino in the gaming platform. When you place your bet and pull the handle of the slot machine that comes out with the symbol of jackpot, the symbols flash in front of you in the same pattern and color that you see on the virtual casino. Hence, it would be easier for you to visualize the symbols on the screen.

The Egypt Online slots are based on the same basic principles as the land based version, which makes the bonus features of this version unique and interesting. Apart from the normal jackpot, you get a Golden Jackpot, which awards more than the normal wins and is the biggest prize that can be won in this version of the game. Another big advantage of this version of the game is the free spins that you get with every win. The bonus features of the Egypt Online Casino are its multi-table play options and its money bonus features, which help the players to increase the amount of money earned through the spins.