Play online for free the Gemtastic virtual slot without any deposit and without signing up. The virtual slot machine always has 6 reels, thirty lines. The machine empowers players to win loads of cash while they sit back and relax at home. A real life gambling experience is what you will get when you play the Gemtastic game. Learn more about the game’s bonuses, jackpots and profitability to prepare yourself to play for cash at the top online casinos of your area.

If you think that playing gemtastic is just about winning huge amount of money, think again. There is much more to gemtastic than winning big amounts of money. If you want to experience the real fun of gambling, then you should opt for the special slots called gemtastic spins. These are unique slots that allow players to win real cash and win huge amount of credits within seconds.

When you play the gemtastic games, you can switch from single or multi line spins to the 30 paylines that allow you to multiply your winnings. For every ten thousand lines that you win, you will receive one free spin. You have to spend at least ten thousand lines to win one spin and this may take several hours to do.

In addition, you can use the gemtastic games to find the winning combination. This makes it easy for you to maximize your earnings while enjoying the benefits of playing for free. Once you enter a winning combination, the machine will display the winning line immediately. It will also deduct twenty lines from your line total until you get to a zero. With these methods, it is very easy to reach the top ten thousand lines and receive a free gemtastic spin.

Another interesting feature of gemtastic is its cascading reels. Each time you click on the spin button, it will cascade all reels one after the other. This makes the cascading action possible to happen at any point of the game. If you are playing the multi-line version, it means you can choose to play either the lower or higher paying lines. Once you hit the paying line, the cascading will stop.

The smaller gemstones in the Gemtastic game have special codes that are used to activate the lower paying lines. There are two ways by which you can activate the lower paying lines. Either by hitting the lower paying lines with smaller gemstones or by paying real money with gems. A small circle appears on the lower part of the reels, indicating the starting position of the next line. When you mouse over this symbol, a pop up window with a symbol that you can drag on the lower part of the reels appears. You can move the cursor over the symbol and drag it to the line that will correspond to the lower paying line.

You might notice that the Gemtastic game has a very different take on paylines compared to the traditional slot machines. Unlike the slots, the paylines here do not appear at random but they are indicated by a unique color combination. The colors are green and red for wilds and purple and black for reels. These color combination indicate the wild and reels that follow.

This slot machine is fun and challenging. Playing this game may well motivate you to try to get more credits because the bonus does not run out in this game. The bonus in slot gemtastic game review is not much since you only get the amount of coins you wagered but it can still buy some fruits and vegetables. If you want to win more, you should increase your bets.